Beginners Guide to Landscape Photography

Tips, settings, compositions   Last Light Besides passion & patient, to photograph great landscapes photos, it takes a fair amount of preparation and skill in basic photography technique. This article focuses on some important, but not all, aspects of landscape photography that photographers need to master when photographing landscape. Don’t leave home without them. We are referring to gear other than the obvious two, your camera and lenses.

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The best panorama photo I have ever seen.

Quiver Trees by Night – by Florian Breuer

This picture happened to be on “Bing photo of the day”, last year. I immediately fallen in love with it.
Few days ago, I was speaking with a friend of mine, he also passionate about photography, speaking about this picture.

Took me few hours of research, since, apart from the image in my mind,

Quiver Trees by Night byFlorian Breuer