Include an extra library from Maven into an Android Project

To include an extra dependency into an Android project we need to:

  1. Go to file and select “Project Structure”:
    Android studio file project structure
  2. Next step it is to select the app section and then the Dependencies tap.
    Open the app tap
  3. At this point we click on the plus sign at the bottom of the window and then we select add library dependency:
    Add library dependency
  4. The last step it is to add the dependency we’re looking for, in my case it is to include the apache commons, so I search for and I select on the package I am interested to and click OK.
    Add external library dependency into project android studio

Freezing Sweet Potatoes

I went to a local farmer’s market in Eagle Farm last Sunday. It was about closing time and the farmers were offering amazing stuff for very little price, so I bought a whole lot of vegetables. Now the problem is to use the stuff I bought, since I truly hate wasting food.
One of the offers were about sweet potatoes (yams), so I bought quite few of them, how do I make sure that are not going to end up in the bin? Simply we freeze them. So that’s what I did.
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